Every day we’re bombarded with information. On laptops, phones and tablets, radios and televisions, magazines and newspapers. Before 7am most of our brains are fully loaded with the news that happened while we slept, celebrity gossip, weather and opinions.

So, remember that when you communicate with your people. Whether your audience is internal or external, they are modern human beings who are constantly making decisions about what information to listen to or ignore.

You’ve got to make your information land in the former category. How do you do it?

Buy a license. We call it “buying a license to deliver information,” and you do it by surprising your audience, delighting them, touching them, or amusing them. When we make an emotional connect with an audience, they have granted you a license to give them information. And…it’s a very short license. You must renew it by making another emotional connection, or you’ll lose them.

There are lots of ways to continually renew that license. And depending on what you have to say, we specialize in helping you craft them.

Ken & Anna Boynton are founders/co-presidents of Message Glue: Strategic messaging “adhesive” for people, presentations & media.