I recently discovered The Macallan. I’m late to the scotch whisky table, but still in all happy to be here. The Macallan 12 (aged 12 years) is smooth, silky and impressive. And, a bit pricey.

In TV dramas (especially ones about lawyers), and you’ll often see Scotch being poured (or referred to…the prop department is probably pouring ice tea). I began to wonder why it seemed to be the go-to high-end beverage. So, I gave it a try. For my palate, it blows away bourbon. It’s not as sweet, has a smoother finish, and tastes…well, impressive.

A bottle of 12 retails for about 55 dollars. A bottle of 18, however, is well over three times that.

I thought, “18 can’t be that different, can it?” It is. Much, much different. Better, smoother, and dare I say, impressiver.

As I sipped a glass of 18 before a client dinner, I was thinking of the current group of executives we’re developing content for. They are all reluctant to rehearse and prepare their presentations and internal communications, even though they’ve now seen that approach result in disengaged audiences. At that moment, it occurred to me that perhaps an apt metaphor for preparation and rehearsal was softly swirling in the crystal glass I cradled in my hand.

“Aged to perfection” describes Scotch. So does “patient and committed.” Or…prepared.

And the more preparation…

The greater the value.

The smoother it is.

The more impressive.

The more respect we have for it.

The more memorable it is.

The more we want to share the experience of it.

The more fun it is to watch.

The easier it is to drink in.

The good news is, preparation and rehearsal that imparts that kind of richness and full-bodied goodness to your communications doesn’t take 18 years, or even 12. We’re happy to show you how to do it in just a few hours.